World of Tanks MMO game Efficiency rating and battle Statistics

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What is this?

This tool is for tracking the progression of World of Tanks MMO game players.

It collects battle performance data automatically every day (or manually more frequently)
for the registered World of Tanks game players.
WOTStat draws charts and tables
for all of the components of the World of Tanks player's efficiency like
win ratio, damage, average tier level,
number of destroyed enemies, detected enemies, capture points and defense points.
It uses XVN, WN6 and WN7 formulas for calculating efficiency

The World of tanks game shows Your battle results one by one,
but You can't check your daily or weekly summarized battle results in the game client itself.
With WOTStat you can check your summarized battle results and daily and weekly win ratio on each tank.

You can track your world of tanks performance statistics both historically and daily level.

You can check other noobsplayers battle results too, even in summarized reports and Top lists.

Track your efficiency and track all of the components of your efficiency in World of Tanks!

How does it work?

On each refresh it checks the official statistics web page of the World of Tanks MMO online game
and saves the actual data on it to a snapshot.

There are daily battle graphs and tanks data shows the differences of these snapshots,
so You can check your progression in the game day by day, or even battle by battle.
There are automatic refresh on every nights, and You can refresh your game statistics manually with "Get New Data" button.

TOP 10 Players by WN8 efficiency on last day


How can I see my latest battle results which I just finished at the moment?

You can refresh your charts and tables any time with one simple click on "Get New Data" button.

Play some battles, disconnect from WOT server, and click on "Get New Data" button to get your latest battle results.
My experience was the World of Tanks game client sends statistics to the web service 
when you connect or disconnect to world of tanks server.
So if the game has crashed, opening WOT is synchronises the battle results too.
Other experience was You have to dismiss/leave platoon (if You are playing in one) before disconnecting from the game server.

What kind of tables and charts are on this page?

At top left there is Statistics table and right to it a Top 10 table.
Below this, there are global charts and Daily charts.
After then there are two tank related charts.
At the end of the page there is the tank table.

What is global statistics table?

At the top of the page in global statistics table You can see Your
Win ratio, Average Experience, Efficiency rate, Total Experience,
Average Destroyed, Average Detected, Average Capture Points, Average Defense Points,
Destroyed/Deaths, Detected/Deaths, Survive ratio, 
Average Damage, Average Tier Level, Average Damage/Tier Level. 

At first column there are Your global statistics calculated from your latest snapshot. 
These values are based on the all of your played matches in the game.

Next, there are the differences made on the latest day. Green if value was improved, and red if the value decreased.
In "last day" column You can see Your latest day's battle results when you have played the game. 
It can be the current day or Yesterday or any previous day when You played the game last.
The next "New Battles" column is optional, it contains the differences of the last and previous snapshot 
if you just refreshed your game statistics. 

What is Top 10 table?

Top 10 is based on average WN7 Efficiency Points from yesterday 06:00 where players participated at least 10 battles.

What are Global battle charts and Daily charts?

Global battle charts (in the left column) shows data from your first battle to the last summarized for all tanks.
Daily battle charts (in the right column) shows daily average data for the last days summarized for all tanks.
Default is last 7 days, and You can change the number of the days in configuration tab at "Days shown in daily charts" field.

What are Tank charts?

The two bigger chart shows Battles participated and Win ratio by vehicles.
Tank charts shows as many days as in configuration tab at "Days shown in tanks charts" field. 
0 is default which means show data from the first snapshot.
If You'd like to see the statistics of the two weeks, type 14 here.

Tank charts only contains the current tanks, which are in Tank table. 

What is Tank table?

There are Your currently used vehicles in daily view. 
For each day You can see the number of Your battles and the winratio.
Not used tanks are hidden, so You can easily find what You care.

You can set how many days You would like to see here. default is 7. 
Setting in configuration tab: "Days shown in tanks table" 
This also filters current tanks, so if there a tank which You haven't played for 10 days

What are the sum rows and columns in the Tank table?

There are two sum columns at the right:
First is for summarizing current data from the last days. So You can se how was your last week for example.
Last column contains global values, from the beginning to the latest battle.

The last row of the table is the summarized value for every tanks in the table except the right bottom value.
It is not only for current tanks, it is Your global battles and winratio for all tanks and all battles.

What is last day? Is it before midnight?

No. For example Yesterday I was playing till half past 2 on the morning.
These battles will count into Yesterday's battles.

There is a configuration parameter for this: "Dayturn hour".
Default is 6 o'clock on the morning.

If You change this parameter, all graphs and tables will be recalculated with the new dayturn hour,
so results will be different if you modify this.

I think the best choice is on the morning when You sure You won't play. 

Can I change the size of the graphs?

You can change the height of the battle statistics graphs in configuration tab. Width is based on your browser size.

Tank graphs

Default tank on tank charts is the currently most used one.
You can switch tank with one click on <<-- or -->> buttons.
The previous and next tanks will be used in the new order if You change the order of the tank table 
(the day by day table with winratio by tank ).

In configuration tab You can choose the behaviour of tank charts:
1. the mostly used tank
2. all currently used tanks
3. selected tanks
4. only selected tanks (server side)
5. disable tank charts

if You select 1st option, the default tank on tank charts is the currently most used one.
if You select 2nd option, all tanks will be visible in one chart.
if You select 3rd option a list box shows up. You can select default tanks. 
    Use CTRL+Click to select more tank.
if You select 4th option, You not select the default tanks, 
    You select the only tanks You can see in tank charts. page load will be faster.

There is an option for change the Y axis scale to logarithmic on battles by tank. It's the logscale checkbox.

I can't see the graphs and tank data, only this message:
There is not enough data to display. Play WOT, and come back tomorrow!

Your game statistics are collected from the time you register, so Your graps are not already available at the moment of registration. 
Automatic data collection will start after your first visit, you will have these graphs and tables only after a few days.

Graphs and charts will be drawn after some more snapshot have taken.
game Battle data will be collected automatically on each day, but You can refresh data manually any time by clicking on "Get New Data" button.
If you can't see latest battle results restart Word of Tanks game client, 
or reconnect to Word of Tanks server. 
Word of Tanks game client sends battle results when you connect or disconnect from WOT server (and You see you see "synchronizing store" message)
Play some Word of Tanks game, and come back later!

What is this error message: Couldn't find statistics data for the given ID?

You can't refresh statistics if  Wargaming's offical statistics webpage is unavailable.
It happens always, when Wargaming stops its service for maintenance or upgrade.

Apart from this You can view your page.

Is any statistics deleted?

Maybe later I will delete accounts which are never viewed, but it's not done yet. 

All accounts will be refreshed forever?

I disable automatic refresh on accounts which was not used for more than 90 days.
This will turn off the daily auto refresh, but it won't delete existing game statistics.
Auto refresh will be enabled again if someone refresh the game statistics manually. 

Is it free?

WOTStat is free to use.

Pro version

I'm planning to work on a Pro version, where additional features will be available.
functions in pro version:
- Configuration tab, where You can personalize global battle charts, daily battle charts, tank charts, and tank table.
- latest snapshot's summarized statistics will be always visible, and snapshot data can be viewed with prev/next paging buttons. 
- Summarized reports and top lists for players and tanks.
Let me say more details are business secret :)