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First of all i want to say that you do great job providing tool like that.

I have one suggestion in Battles By Tank plot. This plot is very unclear when someone played many games one tank (like me on kv-1 600+ battles) and other tanks less than 200 or 100. It is very fuzzy down there. You can change charts height but it doesn't really help.

So my suggestion is to change the y-axis to logarithmic scale or add option linear/logarithmic scale in settings for that plot.

Looking forward to your answer.


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its interesting idea. I think it will be messy with log scale too.
but it worth trying. give me some days for this.

have You tried to check tanks one by one?

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there is the logscale chekbox now

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I thought you gave up, but here it is!
It looks interesting. For me... hmm. I can see more right now, but when I reconsider i really don't know why. Maybe it's my crooked mind after so much matlab work smile

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I never give up!