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I noticed a long time ago that since MT-25 was introduced and replaced T50-2 the stats you are giving for my account are not accurate. For example the average tier should be around 7.60 but your site show around 7.49. This leads to inflating the efficiency and WN7 Rating becomes 1688 where it should be 1672. Maybe the problem is somewhere else but i can not be more specific.

Re: wrong stats

Thank You for reporting,
I will check this issue ASAP.

Re: wrong stats

I know I might sound like ungrateful spoiled kid but do you happen to know yet what's wrong with the stats smile

Re: wrong stats

Ok, i see.

mt25 inherited t50-2 stats.

so battle count of mt25 should be decreased by the last number of t-50-2 battles.

hmm i will think about this.

sadly i need many time to do this. i dont have too mutch nowdays.

thank You for the great explanation!


Re: wrong stats

Hi again nmhu77,
I am using your site for long time and believe will use it for even longer but is it possible to fix this problem already?