Topic: 8.1 is on air

8.1 is fully supported now.
Those who refreshed their stats after the 8.1 patch had to see negative damage and efficiency rate for some hours.
Wargaming has changed the name of Damage to Damage Caused.
This modification was followed, and stats was reverted to the backup at midday,
so everything have to work fine.

In this week there also was some fixes about previous patches.
- Wargaming has modified the name of some tanks. (T1 Heavy, Jagdpanther II, Somua SAu-40)
These modifications was counted as new battles.
- And also there was a fine bug, sometimes tanks exists more than one time on Wargaming's stats page.
Search for M3 Stuart here: … -butcherr/
This resulted a saw tooth in battles by tanks graph which is nonsense.
This also was corrected.