Topic: Preparing for 8.2

There are only minor modifications noticable, but in the background there are many things changed.
If You find a bug, don't hesitate to report to me immediately!

With Chinese tree in the game there will be more tanks with the same name in different nation trees
For example You can have a Russian and a Chinese T-34 too.
I had to modify the basics of my code to handle this. In the tanks file the tank's name was the identifier, I had to find a unique code for each tank.

I realized that there are already duplications. There is a Tier IV and V Matilda in British tree. And there is a Russian M3 Stuart too, it's not only in the USA branch.
both M3 Stuarts are Tier III. If You have played more different tanks with the same name, tank statistics for these tanks will be collected correctly only from today.

release notes
- nation
Nation will be included in tank table. Of course we need it if we will have tanks with same name in different nations.
- colors
in Effectivity rate components chart there are different colors for the different components. These colors will be reused again in later charts. For example capture/defense charts
will be shining in green/purple.
- data file modifications (also retrospectively)
Usr column was added to the last column of stats file to track user name changes.
Tank code was added to tanks file, and many useless fields were removed from there like usr, data_data, tier and tank_name.
- possibility to register an account with 0 played battles
- bugfix when only one snapshot exists in a longer period. (longer than tank chart days and tank table days parameter)
- "Please wait..." message, and disabling buttons after submission to eliminate double refreshing at same time
- donate button
WOTStat is free to use. If You'd like to buy me a beer or a nice camo for one of my tanks, or simply express your appreciation or thanks,
you can do it by sending money with the donation button.