Topic: Tank chart modifications

Default tank on tank charts is the currently most used one.
U can switch tank with one click on <<-- or -->> buttons.
The previous and next tanks will be used in the new order if You change the order of the tank table (the day by day table with winratio by tank ).

In configuration tab u can choose the behavior of tank charts:
1. the mostly used tank
2. all currently used tanks
3. selected tanks
4. only selected tanks (server side)
5. disable tank charts

if You select option, the default tank on tank charts is the currently most used one.
2.nd option was default, but from now 1. will be the defult.
if You select 3. option a listbox shows up. U can select default tanks. use CTRL to select more tank.
if You select 4. option, You not select the default tanks, u select the only tanks u can see in tank charts. page load will be faster.

There is an option for change the Y axis scale to logarithmic on battles by tank. ist the logscale checkbox.

There is a zoom into last days function, to zoom in the right side of the graph.

Auto zoom the left side: if there is nothing on the left for a relatively new tank, blank area is not in the graph anymore.

By default tank table is ordered by tank name.

You can check your stats, by giving ID and not user name on the beginning page.
Also in the main page u can type your wotID into user name field.
Its gonna be useful If there would be a "mysql server has gone away" error message.
(its becouse of the free webhosting provider)