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2018-02-080.9.22 vehicles added
0.9.22 vehicles added
2018-01-19More WN8
WN8 added to tank table and toplist also
2017-12-22WN8 added
WN8 added, WN6 and old WVN formula removed.

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Global statistics

2018-02-16 23:28:142018-02-162018-02-16
Global valueLast dayNew battles
Battles Participated23131+66
Win ratio53.8%-0%50%
Average Experience700.86+0.08994.83
XVM efficiency145101214
WN7 Rating147601308
WN8 Rating203502194
Total Experience16211559+59695969
Destroyed per Deaths1.65-01.5
Detected per Deaths1.91-00.5
Average Tier Level7.709
Survive ratio32.19%0%33.33%
Average Damage per Tier Level181.24+0.03272.44
Average Damage1396.28+0.272452
Average Destroyed1.12-01
Average Detected1.3-00.33
Average Capture Points1.49-00
Average Defense Points1.17-00

Top 10 Players by WN8 Efficiency in last 24 hours

weight group: between 10k and 25k battles

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Played battles and Win ratio for the last 7 days:

2018-02-102018-02-112018-02-122018-02-142018-02-152018-02-16SUM of last 7 daysGlobal
XussrObject 430U3444%1471%20%3100%1100%5453.7%176610755.14%1841
VIIIgermanyRheinmetall Skorpion G1100%1100%490420455.39%2280
IVussrT-28E with F-30475%475%1646475%1646
IXchinaWZ-111 model 1-41100%10%250%117311561.74%2849
SUM3543%2658%540%3100%888%650%8354.22%2100 2313153.8%2035

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