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2017-08-26New vehicles
Time flies, its version 9.20. new tanks has been added.
2016-07-23current tanks inserted
current tanks inserted
2015-11-199.12 tanks are implemented
Tank code changes shouldn't take any effect on tank table. Contact me if You have any suggestions about this!

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Global statistics

2017-10-16 12:37:102017-10-162017-10-16
Global valueLast dayNew battles
Battles Participated21869+2929
Win ratio49.78%-0.01%41.38%
Average Experience622.14+0.15738.59
XVM efficiency1110+22364
WN7 Rating1082+11411
Total Experience13605678+2141921419
Destroyed per Deaths1.1101.24
Detected per Deaths1.5704.14
Average Tier Level7.7208.1
Survive ratio25.08%0%27.59%
Average Damage per Tier Level140.24+0.03159.86
Average Damage1082.33+0.281295.38
Average Destroyed0.8300.9
Average Detected1.1703
Average Capture Points1.102.59
Average Defense Points0.65+0.015.59

Top 10 Players by WN7 Efficiency in last 24 hours

weight group: between 10k and 25k battles

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Played battles and Win ratio for the last 7 days:

2017-10-102017-10-112017-10-132017-10-142017-10-152017-10-16SUM of last 7 daysGlobal
VIIIgermany8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger1100%1100%36649.45%
VIIfranceAMX 13 57 GF2100%667%333%1163.64%35853.63%
VIIIfranceAMX 13 90475%250%250%944%560%2254.55%27947.31%
IXfranceAMX 30 1er prototype250%250%520%20%1127.27%1127.27%
XfranceAMX 50 B1100%1100%250%475%13953.96%
VIIIfranceAMX Chasseur de chars20%20%24250.41%
XfranceBat.-Châtillon 25 t1100%250%250%560%52943.48%
XczechCz04 T50 51743%20%250%333%1435.71%13760.58%
VIIgermanyE 25333%333%633.33%56653%
VIIIfranceF87 Batignolles-Chatillon 12t617%1258%1844.44%16056.25%
VIIukFV201 (A45)250%250%4339.53%
VIIIgermanyG119 Pz58 Mutz1100%1100%22752.86%
XgermanyG121 Grille 15 L63450%1100%560%1100%1163.64%47549.47%
VIgermanyG136 Tiger 131250%250%966.67%
IXgermanyLeopard Prototyp A1100%1100%2100%6552.31%
VIIusaM41 Walker Bulldog250%1100%366.67%47553.68%
VIIusaM56 Scorpion250%250%8550.59%
XussrObject 1401100%1100%2100%6842.65%
VIpolandPl03 PzV Poland10%1100%250%2548%
VIswedenS01 Strv 74 A2250%250%16955.62%
VIczechSkoda T 401100%1100%4463.64%
VIIIgermanySpähpanzer Ru 251617%425%250%425%475%50%2528%52549.52%
IXgermanyT 55A1100%333%450%6654.55%
VIussrT-34-85 Rudy1100%1100%4959.18%
VgermanyTurán III prototípus1100%1100%1145.45%
IXjapanType 6120%1100%1100%1100%560%560%
VIIchinaType 621100%450%1100%1100%520%1250%47548.63%

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