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2016-07-23current tanks inserted
current tanks inserted
2015-11-199.12 tanks are implemented
Tank code changes shouldn't take any effect on tank table. Contact me if You have any suggestions about this!
2015-11-10account registration fix
I've found a change in the API which made registration impossible. I've implemented it, so registration is working again.

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Global statistics

2017-08-06 16:07:412017-08-062017-08-06
Global valueLast dayNew battles
Battles Participated20881+1111
Win ratio49.59%+0.01%63.64%
Average Experience614.82+0.16927.45
XVM efficiency1095+12402
WN7 Rating106702067
Total Experience12837978+1020210202
Destroyed per Deaths1.0902.83
Detected per Deaths1.4902.67
Average Tier Level7.68-05.82
Survive ratio25.06%+0.01%45.45%
Average Damage per Tier Level139.44+0.03210.55
Average Damage1070.51+0.081225
Average Destroyed0.8201.55
Average Detected1.1101.45
Average Capture Points1.08-00
Average Defense Points0.6508.36

Top 10 Players by WN7 Efficiency in last 24 hours

weight group: between 10k and 25k battles

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Played battles and Win ratio for the last 7 days:

2017-08-06SUM of last 7 daysGlobal
XczechCz04 T50 511100%1100%3974.36%

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